We met jumping off cliffs into the Snake River and oh, I was unprepared in more ways than one! He offered his hand and a pair of shades as I gazed into eyes as golden-green as the sun dancing off the water below. It was the jump that lead to the greatest fall, and I’m still falling.


Fast forward to a decade of love (at each other's side + across oceans) and the experience of my own aisle moment is still the reason for documenting wedding days. To create light-filled reminders of the greatest promise I've come to know:

"I looked up from my mama’s embrace to see my future husband walking away from the altar...

he was coming to meet us halfway down the aisle. This made journeying towards the greatest act of faith something we did together. I was sure grateful to have two sets of hands in mine for those final steps and revisiting photographs brings back every feeling all over again." -Shelby

a look into the life we're building on love