Setting light to love stories

through photography

It's in the way an embrace feels like home. How that someone inspires the best version of you through their own acts of love and always meets you halfway.


We believe in creating an amazing experience, which begins with getting to know you and your hearts. Together, we'll craft a photography timeline that captures connection along with all the good and golden moments. Your wedding is the beginning of a legacy, and our role is to tell your story & inspire celebration for generations to come.

Seattle Area Wedding Photographers

from $3,500

Seattle Area Engagement Photographers

from $500

Contact us for pricing details (including elopements + micro weddings) and to check availability. Something Minted is a Seattle and Portland area wedding photographer available for travel where love finds you!

"Shelby is always there for us & genuinely excited for our journey. Would recommend 11/10 times!"

-Mary and Ryan